Cleaner air means healthier lungs both short term and long term.PREMIERONE’s Germicidal and Pureflo Filtration Systems create better air quality for better lives. Whether for your home, nursing home, school, assisted living center or office, PREMIERONE has the scientific solution to help you breathe easier.

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Available for residential and commercial buildings.

Proven to work by science.

Breaks down odors and sterilizes viruses and bacteria.

UV Air Purifiers

Although UV energy is invisible to the human eye, the wavelengths of ultraviolet generated by the PREMIERONE germicidal lamp are lethal to bioaerosols that pollute inside air.

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Pureflo Aircleaners

Providing scientifically correct solutions to indoor air polution for residential and commercial buildings ... including homes, offices, assisted living centers, nursing homes and schools.

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